Tuesday, September 11, 2012

eBay 28 Color Blush Palette Review and Swatches

I buy a lot of stuff from eBay and makeup is no exception. This 28 color blush palette is sold by many sellers on eBay and you can also find this on third party vendor sites.

When I first got this palette one of the blushes broke just when I opened it. >.> But I managed to press it back in. You might have probably guessed it's the second pink color top row.

As you can see the ones on eBay don't have labels on the case cover.

Swatches - top row, first 3 colors of the first row of the palette. Bottom row, first 3 colors of the second row of the palette.

Swatches - top row, 4 colors of the first column of the palette. Bottom row, colors of the last row of the palette.

  • Affordable and free shipping. I remember getting this for around 8 USD and it's price is slightly lower now around 7.50 USD.
  • Good pigmentation and color variety. There 28 different colors to choose from in this palette so there's should be at least one color that you would like from this palette.
  • The palette is compact and thin. It's easy to store and does not take a lot of space.

  • Chalky texture. I find most of the blushes chalky. Some are too chalky/dusty making them difficult to blend.

Conclusion: I would not recommend this palette if you are looking for a quality product that you would reach everyday. The chalky texture of the blush makes it somewhat unpleasant to use. But if you are looking to experiment with different colors then this would be a good palette to try.

What are your favorite and least favorite purchase from eBay? Share your thoughts below.


  1. love your blog! hope you can follow mine too! <3


  2. Thanks Sabrina right back at you! Followed. :D

  3. I was almost tempted to buy just from looking at the pictures, but now I am not so sure if the quality is not that great. The pigmentation looks so good though.. and what a big variety of colors! Are these shimmery or matte or both? I am looking for something that is both..

    - Sally ^.^

  4. Yeah it feels very much like chalk but it blends ok. There are both shimmery and matte. :)