Tuesday, September 18, 2012

10 Strategies/Tips for Gourmet Ranch

Gourmet Ranch is a game on Facebook currently with 610,000 active users each month. This game is like FarmVille meets Restaurant City and Baking Life. I'm going to share with you 10 quick strategies/tips to succeed in this game without spending actual cash for GR keys and credits. 

1. Subscribe to the Gourmet Ranch Facebook page
This is probably the most important tip because their official Facebook page is where you can get the latest news about new ingredients, cooking quests and limited time offers such as the Slot Machine where you can unlock ingredients for half or for less keys than you normally require to unlock ingredients. The comment section of the latest posts is where you can find other users actively playing the game looking for neighbors.

2. Keep your counters full
Always have something selling on your counter; it doesn't matter if you bought a low profit ratio dish from your friendly neighbour because you would still be making some profit vs. none at all. With this game there is no popularity influence based on your restaurant style/decoration and everything sells at a fixed pace/price so feel free to cook more than you can serve which you can store in your fridge or sell to your GR neighbors.

3 Upgrade your Saltwater Fishing House and keep fishing to Treasure Hunt
This is the fastest free method to catch/get GR cash. The higher up the fish you unlock the higher the chance you can uncover GR cash with the exception of the top two tiers of fishes because based on my experience I think it's about the same probability.

4. Buy and cook dishes that have higher earnings to cost ratio per serving
The bigger the difference between the earning/serving and costs/serving, the more profit you will gain from buying the dish from your neighbors. You can click on the Recipe Book >Available > Earns tab to sort the most profitable dishes that you can make based on the ingredients available in your larder. You also can check out Gourmet Ranch Recipe Data to see if you can unlock/grow more profitable dishes based on your unlocked ingredients. Grow the amount as necessary to create the most profitable dishes.

5. Compare the earning of the dishes that the ingredients produce before you use your keys to unlock
The higher up tier ingredients take a lot of key to unlock and some of them don't actually produce high earning dishes. It may be a new ingredient but think about whether you would be using this ingredient in the long run before you unlock it.

6. Save your GR cash for your favorite holidays/events or top earning quests
There's so much cooking quests that it's difficult to keep up if you don't buy GR credit. Some of the quests will reward you with cash generating objects such as the Valentine's Day Tunnel of Love and Easter's Choc-o-egg-o-matic which automatically give you coins as you click on them every few hours. Do you want to serve your favorite dishes in your restaurant or would you rather make top coins with mega earning ingredients/dishes? We know we have our own favorite holidays/events of the year. ;D

7. Keep a steady stock of sugar and garlic cloves
When in doubt about what you want to grow, just grow sugar and/or garlic cloves because a lot of high income generating dishes require the two ingredients and it takes 3 days to grow them which is long considering other ingredients can grow as fast as 5 minutes to half a day.

8. Buy items with lowest coins per xp to level up faster
Very simple and effective technique especially if you're under level 100. This can make you level up way faster and you also earn coins for leveling up.

9. Keep decorations in your Ranch to a minimal
It's good to personalize your Ranch but try not to overcrowd your Ranch with too many animations/decorations because they slow down your game and may overwhelm neighbors as they visit your blog and may not come back because there's just too much loading time. This applies to a lot other social media games. >.> lol

10. Sell extra ingredients to neighbors
The more you sell your ingredients, the more others also feel like sharing their ingredients and dishes which create a better gaming environment for everyone.

I keep playing new food dash and restaurant games because of the cute dishes and ingredients.
If you have any tips or strategies feel free to comment below.

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