Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Nivea Aqua Effect Mattifying Day Care Review

Hey Gals, here's my review Nivea Aqua Effect Mattifying Day Care! I was excited to find this new product to try and two lovely gals suggested that I review this product. :))

First of all, I love that Nivea came out with a new line for combination and oily skin. I have tried their older combination skin toner (the blue bottle) and it did not work for me...broke me out as usual lol. The Aqua Effect Mattifying Day Care is described as an oil-free moisturizer for the day time that moisturizes the skin and also controls shine.



I've been using this product for about a month, and I would say that it's a decent moisturizer for controlling oily areas of the skin, but does not really moisturize the drier areas of combination skin.

Product - squeezed from tube
  • It's oil-free and doesn't break me out nor clogs my pores (big plus).
  • Does a decent job of controlling shine. My face is noticeably less oily at the the end of the day when I use this moisturizer.
  •  Subtle pleasant scent to this moisturizer. It's not the same scent as the Nivea Cream but it smells somewhat flowery.
  • Product is in a plastic tube which is more sanitary than in a container.
  • The matte cream formula feels slightly heavy on combination to oily skin and has somewhat of a powdery finish on the skin. I get that it's supposed to be mattifying but I would have preferred a gel formula.
  • Doesn't really moisturize the normal/less oily areas of the skin. It would be a little too drying to use in the eye area.
I got this product for $8.99 at my local drug store, but I've recently seen this for $6.47 which is a pretty good deal for a moisturizer.

Product - spreaded out

Product - blended into skin
Conclusion: I think this is a good moisturizer for mattifying oily areas of the face throughout the day. It would be good to use during the summer when the face gets oily (the shiny t-zone...lol) but it's definitely not moisturizing enough for the colder months. It did not break me out nor clog my pores which is pretty awesome.
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