Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Etude House Shini Star Lip Balm #5 Guava Review

Got my hands on the Shini Star lip balm in Taemin's pick, #5 Guava, from Etude House's Shinee Special Edition line. I really like the concept of having a singer's autograph and personal comment on the inside of a lip balm container. The packaging is cute and reminds me of the Shiseido MAJOLICA MAJORCA Puff de Cheek Blush.

The lip balm is almost like a lip gloss. It is very glossy as you can see and shiny no pun intended. In the container the lip balm is a pretty opaque baby pink but the color does not really show once you swipe it. As you can see from the swatch there is a slight nude pink color but it doesn't show on my lips. It also smells like pink bubble gum tape.

  • Cute packaging and interesting concept with the product design
  • If you are a Shinee fan you have to get it because you get their signature at the bottom, each color of lip balm corresponds to different member.
  • Can be a lip gloss
  • Barely there color and pigmentation
  • Feels somewhat heavy on the lips

I would get this if you want your favorite Shinee's signature. The lip gloss is okay and for this color it didn't really show up on my lips but who am I kidding get your favorite Shinee star's color! :p

Which color would you pick?

Thanks for reading!


  1. im after a new lip blam! this looks cute and i dont mind the heavy feeling on the lips. Heaviness on the skin makes me cringe but i almost quite like it on my lips haha, make me feel like its moisturising well :) thanks for the review!



  2. are they shiny on the lips, and do they have a flavor taste on them?



  3. Yes, they are shiny and I would say that this compares to a thick lipgloss that normally comes in tubes. They smell like bubble tape but I don't remember any taste. lol :D Thanks for checking out my blog!