Monday, June 10, 2013

Palty Hair Dye in Macaroon Beige Quick Review

Hellooo gals,

I have dyed my hair many times over the years and I thought I should give a quick review of my experience with the Palty Hair Dye in Macaroon Beige.

Palty Hair Dye in Macaroon Beige
  • The number 1 pro is obviously that it is the cutest hair dye packaging ever lol
  • It's more gentle and less drying than other drugstore hair dyes I've ever used
  • Fairly easy process and the dye didn't give off that nauseating chemical smell as much as the other drugstore hair dye kits I've used
  • Slightly more expensive because it is from overseas I got this on sale for about $12 CAD but it could go as high as $15 CAD.
  • The results were not what I was hoping to hair was nowhere near that light brown as shown on the product picture. 

Hair after using this product

I did dye my hair before this but my roots were black. You can see above picture that my hair turned out more of a orange brown. So the verdict: save your money for a good bleach kit as using this hair dye alone did not produce significant results. Without bleaching the hair the results are comparable to most drugstore hair dyes I've used. I would definitely recommend bleaching your hair first to get better results like the picture on the product.

Have you used the Palty Hair Dye? Share your experience!

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